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23/7/17 It’s a small world

The morning after an eventful night, we decided to take things slow. It was a late start, leaving Calais in a general direction- South. Not too far, just a short drive, taking things easy. Driving through open fields of corn and wheat, through dense woodland we arrived at the outskirts of Mesnieres En Bray. It is a small village half an hour away from the motorway. As we followed the sat nav, it was clear that the road has been slightly changed and turned into a cul-de-sac. As we turned around, a nice local couple pointed down the road instructing us to turn right, then turn right again, the Aire is just around the corner. We thanked the couple and waved bye. We found the Aire up the hill, surrounded by corn fields and bridleway.
We parked neatly by trees, levelled up, and got ready for a walk around to see what is what. The village was very quiet, possibly because it was a Sunday, or perhaps it is usually quiet. There are four mountain cycle tracks around the area, an ideal stopover village for mountain bikers. As we walked down a long stretch of road, there stood a magnificent castle, as if taken from a classic film of some sort.

Mesnieres En Bray Castle

Unfortunately it was closed for visiting hours. Maybe another time…

We returned to the Aire and stopped to chat to the English couple. As it turned out, the man knows a distant relative of Lee! What a tiny world!! We got some tips for places to go and to fill up on LPG here, up north, as it is more expensive in the south of France. We shared some stories too. That is the beauty of camping abroad; you get to meet new people and share stories of and experiences, learn something new along the way.

Life is good 😉


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