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Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

21-22/7/17 An unexpected start of a journey

This year our tour to Europe was bigger, better and full of new adventures. We booked our Eurotunnel journey a few months in advance and counted down the days for our departure date. Life has thrown another curved ball our way, so not surprisingly we were itching to get our holidays started. Friday night, we left north Lancashire around 10:30 pm and hit the M6, which was fairly empty, and the drive down the M25 was brilliant! We have never seen the M25 so empty before. Beside some persistent (pain in the a**) rain, our journey to the south has been smooth. A good start!

We arrived too early to the tunnel… As it was the first day of school holiday, Eurotunnel was very busy, with very long queues. We were told that the trains are fully booked, and we would have to return closer to our departure time, so we drove to Folkestone to kill some time…

When we arrived back to Eurotunnel later trains were delayed, not what you want to hear when you are more than eager to go. We finally boarded a train and arrived to Calais around 8pm, local time. After a quick dash to ‘Flunch’ for tea, we called it a night; it was a very long day.

It was 2 am when we woke up by a strange scattering noise that was coming from the room of Hymie! Half asleep I thought it was a seagull. Lee looked out of the spacing window only to see an outline of a man!! Lee shouted: “what are you doing?” the scattering stopped. Then Lee shouted: F*** off!! It must be an international phrase, as the man disappeared.

We checked everything over in the morning, and all was okay. No damage has been done. We wondered for a while why the man was there and what was he doing on the roof in the first place?!


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