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Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

11/8/16 Ciao a partire da bella Italia!

Early morning cruise out of the Aire along the coast we can see St. Tropez. We have avoided the traffic jam… Driving along the motorway, we pass Nice and can see Monaco.


View of Monaco

As we turn off the motorway, we drive through the French Alps, every turn has been more challenging than the one before. The road then turned into a very narrow tunnel, limited to 3.5 meters high, Hymie is 3 meters high. But there are no indications to the width of the tunnel! We fit, only just!!


Mind the gap…erm…there is no gap!

With every tight turn this journey feels more like a bad roller coaster ride, leaving us feeling rather seasick. Just when we thought the ride was over making it down the mountain, we needed to drive back up a mountain. We finally arrived to another tunnel, so very close to Italy…Just as we exited the tunnel we were officially in Italy.

There are Aires located across Italy. We found one at Mondovi, on a shopping centre car park.


The stay was free, with all motorhome facilities.

Once all the cars have disappeared, it was quiet, just us, another French motorhome and nature. Ahh… So peaceful


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