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7/8/16 Aire at Petit Motte, La Grande Motte, Mediterranean

We cruised down the south coast of France, and after an intense “bare left, keep right and turn right”, we managed to arrive at Aire Petit Motte at La Grand Motte.


There are 30 places available, but one last spot remaining, it ours if we want…

we pay the man at the entrance, €16 per night, the price includes showers, toilets and a hook up point.

Getting into the pitch is a tight squeeze, and as we try to manoeuvre, with me as a guide outside, a group of French campers have gathered to, what seems like-watch (just pull up a chair and watch the drama unfold), but they all helped us reverse into the pitch. One even chopped off a branch of the tree!! We finally got on the pitch… Merci !! 😊


We leveled up, pull out the awning and put a few chairs out. Someone hasn’t bothered with a cup of tea, yet…



A ten minutes walk from the Aire, we find ourselves on the beach. There aren’t any launderette on the Aire, but a few are dotted around town, so get on your bike!


Police camper van on the beach

As we walked onto the beach we spotted  one of the laundromats. Lee and I walked in, while the boys wandered around the other shops. There are two other people waiting in the laundromat. Lee and I discuss things Hebrew. One of them, a lady, turns to the both of us and asked in broken Hebrew: Are you from Israel? I answered: I am!! Amazed that someone else around here except us two understands Hebrew!! Her name is Rachel, and from what I could gather, she has family living in Israel. She has been in France for many years and has forgotten most of her Hebrew, as she speaks more French than Hebrew. She then took the time to explain, part in Hebrew part in French, how to work the washing machines. We later said our goodbyes and parted ways. True story!!


We walked on the promenade and the marina. We must have walked a fair few miles before we returned to Hymie for a cold drink and a sandwich. Although it was a nice walk the heat was getting to us. A night walk was a much pleasant one.

We stayed here for one night.



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  1. benimark

    Haha when you think your having a private conversation ?

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