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6/8/16 Aire at Latour Bar Elne, Mediterranean

We left L’Hospitalet-pres-l’Andorr  and drive through a, new to us, five km long tunnel. It is a toll road, pay upon exit.

Campsites are dotted around along the route.

While we cruised down the mountains, it happened to be that there were a few other motorhomes,  and now there was a row of us…we all take the slow, careful pace of life, when other foolish drivers overtake us all around corners! What is the point? Just sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂

It is a very technical route and the views are worth it, but after a few hours on this road we want it to come to an end.

Out SAT-NAV route takes us to Elne through the back roads, but there is an easier way through town.

upon arrival we pay the lady at reception, who speaks some English, €14 per night, facilities are included in the price, although Wi-Fi is an addition of €3 for 48 hours usage.


The Aire is very busy, but the lady finds us a space for the night.

After a twenty minutes walk into town, through narrow roads, we find a few shops, restaurants a supermarket with a laundrette outside, the price is reasonable. A walk in the opposite direction is toward the beach.

From one extreme to another, the night was very hot!


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