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5/8/16 Aire at L’Hospitalet-pres-l’Andorre, Midi Pyrenees

We made our way through the Pyrenees mountains again, heading towards Andorra. We are armed with sweets for popping ears 😃


The Spanish border seems to be heavily busy with police, is there something we don’t know about?

As we drive down the mountain, the clouds seem to get thicker, the air thinner and colder. We are 7956 ft above sea level and 10 degrees c!! Brr…


That’s 10°c

We refuel Hymie for 0.82 cents per liter (!), go shopping and head for an Aire near by.


L’Hospitalet Aire seems to be popular with other fellow motorhome users, that we can’t find a parking bay, so we park further down.


The Aire is by a train station and there are a few restaurants, a hotel and a few houses that seemed to be abandoned.

We are surrounded by beautiful mountains and the air is cold.

We spend one (cold) night here. Our stay was free, water costs  €2 per 100 liters, electricity costs €1 for two hours. Pay by card.


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