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Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

31/07/16 Heading south Menigoute, Poitou

Our route is set to drive through Rouen. I’m not sure how I feel about this. From past experience, this route was very chaotic with too many road works, too many diversion that are excessively narrow for our Hymie.

Somehow we managed to drive through Rouen, without major problems…

It’s becoming hotter by the minute, and on either side of the N28 are open fields of sunflowers and corn.

We finally arrive to an Aire at Menigoute, Poitou. The Aire is perfectly located by a Spar shop and sports facilities, with plenty of space for motorhomes stopping over night. There is only one other motorhome, a French one, with two beautiful golden retrievers.


Aire at Menigoute

The village is very quiet. We had a lovely, peaceful warm night. Our stay was free 😄Merci…


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