Enjoy the Journey

Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

Cite Europe, Calais

We arrived back to Cite Europe after a few hours’ drive from Conty Aire. We could tell we are close to home, it’s raining 😦

There were a few more motorhomes here this time; however it was still early in the day.

We decided to grab a late lunch at flunch; it is always a great experience to stop for a “flunch”, great food at a reasonable price.

We returned to Cite Europe with Hymie, some motorhomes have disappeared, perhaps caught the Euro tunnel. The guys went for ice-cream and waffles, one must enjoy every bit of what France has to offer…while they were gone, 9 police vans turned up out of the blue, the number of motorhomes has dwindled down to 6.

One particular chick, I mean duckling has decide to go on an adventure around Cite Europe shopping centre, alone. Our hearts were in our mouths for half an hour, which seemed like forever. Duckling returns as if nothing was wrong. I’m sorry son, if we were at any other Aire this would have been fine and safe. But with 9 police van across the car park/Aire this was no time for a walkabout adventure.

The night was fairly quiet, a few police sirens some loud bangs, but we slept well 🙂

Early start- we sorted Hymie for an early departure and a full day’s journey. We arrived at Euro-tunnel in time to get an earlier shuttle. We left France in a glorious sunrise…

Au revoir France

Au revoir France

and arrived in the UK to fog, grey weather…welcome back 😦

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

As we drove back home on the English motorways, we watched the world go by as some idiots have made some hazardous mistakes; fly on the outer lane just to cut through back to the left lane for the exit or overtake us just to hit the brakes, never mind the 3.5 tonne vehicle behind you that can’t stop so easily! Look out a…bleeep!

We enjoyed our journey, holiday abroad. We loved every moment of the trip good and bad. We can’t wait for next summer, when more advetures will be written.

Round trip 4988km !


One comment on “Cite Europe, Calais

  1. Lesley McInnes

    A great insight into your trip…can’t wait until we get on the road x

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