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Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

Looking at the bright side (or, never say it can’t get any worse…)

We left Aire Ebreuil with bitter-sweet feeling; heading back home minus 5th gear. One must make the most of a bad situation. I suppose the best way we can look at it is by taking the slow lane, for a change, watching the world go by as vehicles whizz past us in the fast lane…Life is good, even without 5th gear.

We chose to take Paris ring road. Traffic is slow, making it easier to feather out of the motorway, but we are aware of “mad” drivers who dart in and out of the motorway. It isn’t a nice experience driving through this road, but we made it, no rush or panic, just keeping safe, we got to the other side. Now, one must stop for a quick cup of tea, phew.

We continued north to our next Aire, hoping that it wouldn’t be busy. A short drive from the motorway, along a single carriage road, through a very tiny quiet village, we arrive at the next village; Conty. Drive through it and find a camping car sign, not far from the information office. Turn off the mini-roundabout, pass a little children’s play area, and arrive at the Aire.

Aire at Conty

Aire at Conty

The Aire is popular stopover point for motorhomers who are returning to northern countries. We arrived after 6pm and found a good spot, a few more late arrivals have managed to squeeze in and the Aire was practically full.

A pleasant evening walk to town, we find a small grocery shop, news agent, a butchers shop, and patisserie that sell lovely fresh croissants in the morning.

main street Conty

main street Conty

A lazy morning for all of us, the guys sort Hymie while I walk to the bakery; “un baguette, quatre croissants s’il vous plaît, merci… Au revoir…”

As I arrive back at the Aire, the Dutch neighbours’ dog darted towards us, keen to say hello. They were leaving the Aire too, heading back home, where apparently the weather is still warm.


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