Enjoy the Journey

Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

Ebreuil, Limousin & Auvergne

We parked on the Aire by the football pitch, just us the mountains and fields. The Aire is located by a campsite that seems to have good rates for camping.  A few more motorhomes arrived later; two French and one Belgium with an adorable Labrador puppy.

Ebreuil Aire

Ebreuil Aire

We enjoyed a quiet evening. With the sun setting the evening turned cooler, goodbye summer?

Ebreuil Aire

Ebreuil Aire

We went in Hymie for a few games of Taki followed by a game of Rummikub, trying to keep off our minds that we lost 5th gear, we just can’t believe it! We have had to recalculate our route and break the journey into chunks of ‘how many miles can we drive a day’.

Fitting many miles from this point, so that if anything happens during the next few days, there would be some time to sort it and we could at least arrive to the Eurotunnel in good time.

We set off in the morning organising Hymie, filling up with fresh water, emptying grey water at the Aire’s service point across the road.

By the Aire facilities

By the Aire facilities

We turn onto the toll road with 777 miles to go. There are two lanes on this stretch, which gratefully eliminates middle lane hoggers. Lorries and cars whizz past us, 90 kmh (56 mph) is our best speed.

The boys are missing their friends, and are busy listening to their music, while Lee and I would have rather continued on a fabulous journey if conditions were different. Neither of us have watched telly or listened to the news in the past 3 weeks and neither of us is missing it either.


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