Enjoy the Journey

Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

Leucate Plage

It was a relaxing day, just what we needed after a long day travelling.

Although it was a cooler morning, we enjoyed a walk on the beach. Our feet were sinking in the sand as tiny cold sea waves surrounded our feet.

What! No waves?!

What! No waves?!

The boys would rather a dip in the Atlantic Ocean than the Mediterranean Sea, as they loved the higher waves, making it a more exciting swim.

A storm is brewing

A storm is brewing

We decided it was time to pack things away when the grey clouds have moved closer.

A fellow camper had just arrived and his motorhome seems to blend in with the scene.

Thank you so much to the kind German couple who gave us permission to take a photograph of the elephant on the back of their motorhome.

Look out for the elephant in the room

Look out for the elephant in the room

Our stay has been very pleasant, though it is time to move go back up north, make our way to the channel tunnel.


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