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Last day in Benidorm

Our last day in Benidorm and we spent it by lazing around, chilling out in the sun, splashing in the pool, a leisurely long walk into old town Benidorm where the streets are narrow.

Old town Benidorm

Old town Benidorm

We met up with Lesley and Mark for a cool drink and a final goodbye (or so we thought).

Thank you Lesley and Mark for everything, we enjoyed our time at your fabulous place and enjoyed Benidorm too.

Before we made our way back to Hymie, we thought we could have our tea at a place that serves fish and chips. Someone was missing home…We spent about an hour wandering, bumping into Lesley and Mark again 🙂

We finally stopped at a place called “The Battered Cod”. It was a small tasty surprise ending to a chilled out Spanish day. If anyone feels a little homesick in Benidorm and fancies fish and chips, this is the place to go. The fish was lightly coated in batter and the chips were lovely, non of those “French fries” malarkey. Well worth a visit



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