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Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

Three Aires, one day, 584km

La Sew D’Urgell is a nice town, its location is excellent spot for stopovers before and after a drive through the Pyrenees. With a quick exit to the toll road, all options are open.

We continued to make our way south on a fairly quiet road. The landscape is very different to what we are used to back home but equally magnificent. We noted that we need to top-up on our water supply and decide that we should head for Benicàssim aire just for water top-up and empty our grey water. The Aire itelf is small as it has a few bays for motorhomes, all on a slope.

While in Benicàssim, we take a short lunch break and calculate our next stop, perhaps for the night.

We carry on to Carcaixent, an Aire by a train station. It took us a while to find it, as we had to drive through the old part of the town, with narrow roads. We eventually found the Aire; no other motorhomes in sight and the water tap was locked. So we re-calculated our next stop and decided to gamble: keep on going south to Aire at Dénia Playa. We find Dénia Playa Aire is closed! No longer active.

It was 9pm, and we were all tired from a very long day, we would really like to find a place to stop for the night. According to “All the Aires Spain and Portugal” book, nearest Aire is in Calpe, an hour away from our location. Is it another gamble?

Turning back north is out of the question. We have no choice but to continue…

We arrived at Odissea Camper Área which is located between Aldi and Lidl shops, overlooking Calpe hotels. Upon our arrival we find the main entrance closed, it’s 10pm and the gates are locked. There is a telephone number to phone to open the gate, but someone kind has opened the gate for us before we could dial. Thank you kind person…

We found a pitch for the night. We will sleep here tonight and explore the site tomorrow morning. Things look better in the morning…It’s all good.


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