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Aire at Vicdessos, Midi-Pyrénées

We set off driving south again, the sun is shining, yet another hot day 🙂

The Pyrenees are revealed in full view after a drive through, up a mountain down to a valley.

U2 Live Lounge blurting out “It’s a beautiful day!” It certainly is! What more can one ask for?!

We are heading for an Aire that is close to Andorra. We would like to enjoy a nice drive without the pressure of time and spend time looking around shops in Andorra.

We arrive at Vicdessos Aire early afternoon, with plenty of time to sit and relax, perhaps explore the town later.

Aire at Vicdessos

Our stay costs €6 includes unmetered electric hook-up. Not that we need it, but it’s always a useful boost to cool the fridge down a bit more.

The Aire is by the river surrounded by the green mountains. The main road to town is on the other side of the river, traffic noise is swallowed by the river’s flow.

House in Vicdessos

House in Vicdessos

We walked around the old town, the narrow alleys and small windows seem to be stuck in time. I think only an old mini car can fit down these allys.



Again, I wonder where everyone is; the shutters are narrowly closed, leaving a tiny gap for some daylight and the heat out.

Hollow Tree Vicdessos

Hollow Tree Vicdessos


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