Enjoy the Journey

Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

Crespin, Northen France

The town is located on the border of Belgium and France.

Driving through it looks like a small town.

We arrive at the Aire that is tucked away between terraced houses.

This is the smallest Aire we have come across so far. It has 3 motorhome bays, Elsan point, fresh water and a hook-up point. To use the Hook-up and fresh water, purchase a token from “Carrefour”, just around the corner.

We’re off exploring…First impression; the town looks much bigger than we initially thought.

Walking through the town, we notice there are shutters on the doors as well as the windows. Troublesome place…? Maybe.


Memorial: “Crespin has its glorious dead children for homeland…”

As usual we make sure our Hymie is locked and secured, one can never be too safe.

7:30 AM: the boys are off to Carrefour, to buy some (more) sweets, while we sort things out for the journey. Oh…What is that tune? Is it the ice cream-van so early in the morning?

No, not the ice cream-van, it’s the patisserie van!! Criossant anyone?

bonjour, quatre croissant s’il vous plaît…merci, au revoir.

Pardon my French…


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