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Aire at Hondschoote, Northen France

The Aire is on the French-Belgium border, around twenty minutes north of Calais, a good place to stop before we continue to Calais.

It is located by a wind mill that can be seen from the main road, making it so easy to find.

Moulin A Hondchoote

Moulin A Hondchoote

There are plenty of motorhome parking bays, however some of the spaces are used for cars when the football pitch near the Aire is in use.

Hondschoote aire

Hondschoote aire

The motohome facilities are just at the entrance to the Aire. Tokens can be purchased from the house located by the Aire. €3 will give you 100 ltr of water or 1hr electricity.

It is a sleepy town, with a very large church in the centre of town, a small Carrefour and two cafes.

Hondschoote Gendarmerie

Hondschoote Gendarmerie

One night stay is more than enough, as there is not much to see or do.

After a nice walk exploring, we return to Hymie for our tea and a game of Rummikub.

Life is good…


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