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Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

Die, Rhone Alps (Pronounced: Dee)

The road to Die is wonderful; we took an advantage of lay-bys and parked for a photo shoot. Such beauty cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

Us at the French Alps

Us in the French Alps

We arrived at Die Aire, mid-morning. The Aire is by a car park, very close to town centre. All motorhome facilities are available, but no electric hook-up.

The tourist information office is just across from the Aire. They tell us that the charge for one night is normally €5, collected by the local police; however, as it is a weekend, our stay is for free.

Aire at Die

Aire at Die

While we were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, a man approached us asking how we found the Aire at Die. He said he drove around looking for the Aire and he thinks his Aire book has misguided him. Lee shows him our copy of “All the Aires” book we use.

The man said he is from Belgium. Lee says- “your English is very good…” The man said – “I used to be an English teacher, I’m retired now…”


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