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Follow our journey as we tour in our Hymie around Britain and Europe.

23/7/17 It’s a small world

The morning after an eventful night, we decided to take things slow. It was a late start, leaving Calais in a general direction- South. Not too far, just a short … Continue reading

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21-22/7/17 An unexpected start of a journey

This year our tour to Europe was bigger, better and full of new adventures. We booked our Eurotunnel journey a few months in advance and counted down the days for … Continue reading

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18/8/16 End of the trip

After three lovely weeks of sun and fun, we headed home. We met some fellow British motorhomers on our route back to Calais, perhaps they too were returning home or … Continue reading

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17/8/16 Aire at Banteux, northern France

After a long day driving north, mostly on the motorway, we found an Aire to stop for the night, by a canal on an old railway line. Banteux is a … Continue reading

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16/8/16 Aire at Dolancourt

We left the wonderful views of lake Nantua and headed north through the province of Champagne. We had many miles to cover in just a couple of days. We found … Continue reading

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15/8/16 Aire at Nantua, France

We left Brusson in the morning travelling through the Italian Alps. Driving through Italian villages, you’d think you are driving throught Swiss villages. We drove down an Italian toll road, … Continue reading

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14/8/16 Aire at Brusson

It was that sad time again of making plans to drive home. We started driving west through the mountains. We followed the milky, pail green blueish colour rivers, up the … Continue reading

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12/8/16 Aire at Locana

After a quick window shopping and refilling fresh water, we set out towards Torino. As soon as we left Mondovi, we arrived at a toll road. The speed limits seem … Continue reading

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11/8/16 Ciao a partire da bella Italia!

Early morning cruise out of the Aire along the coast we can see St. Tropez. We have avoided the traffic jam… Driving along the motorway, we pass Nice and can … Continue reading

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8/8/16 Aire at Ramatuelle, Mediterranean

We set out from Petit Motte staying on the coastline. The first Aire we arrived at was full, so we looked up for another destination in the Aire book. We … Continue reading

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